Where Can I Buy Stamps? Here You Can Buy Online Stamps Easily

No matter how much you rely on the internet, you will still have to use mail for shipping stuff or document to another state. Have you ever gone through that awkward phase in life when you write that perfect postcard to your best friend on vacations but unable to find the post stamps anywhere? This is surely annoying, but it gets way more annoying when you are in a foreign country. I have written this article for those of us who raise a commonly asked question: “Where can I buy stamps?” keep on reading, and you will get to know some interesting facts about stamps along with different places where stamps are easily available.

The most prominent place is of course post office. They sell a wide variety of postage stamps which caters your requirements and are perfectly suitable for you. You can also send emails and postcards from there. One interesting thing regarding United States postal service is that you can buy stamps online from their website too.

What is a postage stamp?

Before answering the question where can I buy stamps? You should know what postage stamps are real. They are kind of receipt, which shows that you have paid the mailing fee. We mean old snail mails when we talk about mailing costs. The US postal service stamps is a small piece of special paper that is displayed on an item of mail. It mostly shows national designation; this could range from historical figures to significant cultural symbols. There is also a denomination along with country’s printed name aside of designation. Stamps hold very crucial information regarding the nature of mail and aids in the delivery of mail to the right destination

Postage stamps have facilitated the entire mailing system since the middle of 18th century. You will be amazed to know that due to these small adhesive papers, the mailing system is intact and working efficiently. In fact sending snail mails is very complicated process than you think.  For many of you, it is only writing, selling, shipping Wolah! All Done! For the postman and the companies handling your mail, there are so many details to look forward to so that the letter doesn’t go into wrong hands.

Some costumes willfully pay more than required fees to make their emails top priority. For catering to these costumers needs, there are premium stamps on these emails with special promos. This allows the mail with promo stamp to have first class treatment so that it can reach the destination sooner. There is also a customized stamp which can be personalized by photos or sentiments of the customer, this customized stamp adds in the sentimental value to the package.

The postage stamps and their different forms help the mailing employees to sort out the type of mails according to the stamps pasted on them. They quickly categorize and sort out hundreds of mails without giving in much time. The post office employees easily separate mails of one stamp from that of the other stamp, pile them up! And send them to their mean destination.

Is postage mail still in usage?

Of course, postage mail is rarely used these days. That makes the postage stamps no longer widely used for its original purpose. We know that the snail mails have slowly converted into faster and regular emails with the passage of time. As for the letters to the loved ones, all of those are slowly gone away. Today you just have to log in to your social website account, and you can talk to almost every member of your social circle.

As a result of these changes, postage stamps have become glitter to the collector’s eyes and have no practical use left. Collecting postage stamps have become a hobby of the antiques and historical object collectors. Every country on the globe has its variety of postage stamps with their national designs and colors. The designs changes every year on postage stamps. The collection of postage stamps is very exciting alluring for every individual out there. Though sending letters via snail mail has gone out of fashion, but still, there are other crucial items which are to be sent to the distant location, these objects use postage stamps as an important marker.

How much are postage stamps?

The demand for the stamps considerably reduced over the past years. Mostly stamp collecting enthusiasts are trying to buy the stamps in bulk. The postage stamps cost in between 0.49$ to 0.34$ depending upon the mail priority. This cost is only applicable in all States of America; the price may vary for Canada as well as for other countries.

For domestic shipping, the flat rate envelopes and package’s price range up to 22$ and for local mailing the average price range is between &0.30 to $0.90.

How much is a roll of Stamps:

As per the instruction of USPS the roll of postage stamps should cost you around $4.90. However, some stamp rolls might reach up to $300 depending upon their quality.

Where can I buy postage stamps?

Before asking the question where can I buy stamps near me? You should know that the primary and foremost supplier of postage stamps is the post office in your area. Unfortunately, not everybody among us lives near to post office. Here are some of the convenient options for buying the stamps if you reside far away from the local post office:

  1. From Amazon.com


I don’t know if we have gotten too lazy to visit places or the internet has given us relaxation. Either way ordering online a stack of postage stamps is always a good option. You should know that each website has its standards of purchase and delivery of the stamps. All you have to do is to surf the internet and find the potent and valid websites for buying your stamps. For your convenience let me tell you about two official websites that sell these USPS postage stamps: Amazon and USPS.  Ordering stamps online have a joy of its own because no matter how lazy you are, Amazon.com is always going to save you. The website is super convenient and provides their customers with premium and high-quality product. I will highly recommend you to buy your postage stamps from Amazon.

So next time if someone asks you where can I buy stamps online? Then do tell them about the websites as mentioned above.

Amazon.com, the Quickest Way, to Buy Stamps:

Just like I said earlier, you can always place your stamp order online without hunting different locations. Among all other websites, my most recommended website is Amazon.com.  Amazon is known for its fast as lightning shipping and also for selling a wide variety of things online. You will find a broad range of stamps on this website which is rarely found anywhere else. Not just that the website also facilitate the customer with free delivery without hidden charges. Surf this website and get the best stamps ever!

 2. Pharmacy


It is good to know that pharmacies in the USA are not only limited to sell food, toiletry and medical needs to the customer, they are also known to sell stamps to the customers. Keep in mind that not all pharmacies are known to sell the US post office stamps. Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreen are guaranteed suppliers of the stamps having the variety of postage stamps that could meet your mailing needs.

  1. Walmart


Many among you keep asking a question like does Walmart sell stamps or not? Well, of course, they do sell stamps. If we talk practically then every big city and town in America have Walmart store. That is opened 24/7 for almost all year round. If you are in need of writing materials, you can also buy papers, pens, and envelopes from there. The price of the stamps in Walmart store is same as in post office.

  1. Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

You can always find a stationary corner in big grocery stores. You are most likely to locate the postage stamp from there. Some small sized grocery store may also have the stamps. You can also request the grocery store owner to keep the postage stamps if they don’t, this way you can never run out of the stamps again.

  1. Banks


Banks do not remain open for longer hours, and most of them might not have postal stamps. But I am 100% sure that either 1 or 2 banks in your town might have stamps for business purpose. You can further research on your own as to what type of stamps does the bank hold besides the premium kind

  1. Gas Station

Gas Station

The opening and closing hours of the gas station is far better than the banks. Many of them will sell a wide variety of stamps buy unfortunately many might not. So it depends on the individual gas station owner.

Where can I buy single stamps?

Sometimes you don’t need to buy the whole booklet of stamps rather you only require a single stamp for your postcard or letter. Here is a list of locations that sell the stamps in the form of sheets or single:

  • Wegmans
  • Winco
  • USPS self-service Kiosks

Which places sell unofficial stamps according to USPS?

  • Bi-Lo
  • Foodtown
  • Fred Meyer
  • Gelsons’s
  • Kmart
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Save-a-lot
  • Shop n Save
  • Whole Foods

Are there ATMs that sell stamps?

This is relatively a new location to sell postage stamps, but yes there are certain ATMs which are known to sell US postal stamps. By now there is only one bank that is known to sell official postage stamps in almost every US state via ATM. The bank comes under the name of Wells Fargo.

Positive Note:

Before winding up this article, I want you to know that even if the electronic media has taken over the traditional way of communication, snail mails are still in action. Still, there are so many things which require the use of snail mails and postage stamps. Don’t forget that postal service is the oldest mode of sending and receiving objects.  Many important documents are still preferred to be addressed to the people through postal service because it is believed that sending a document through e-mail can easily be deleted or hacked whereas using snail mail gives a person a sense of reliability and security.  Besides that postal service is playing a huge role in delivering large objects from one place to another who is, of course, impossible when it comes to the internet.


Letters might be bit slower as compared to sending a text or WhatsApp message, but sooner or later you will need or want to send something by snail mail. Whether it is something official or a sentimental note to a loved one, snail mail is always going to be by your side. For sending a snail mail, one must be aware of what exactly a postage stamp is and what is its benefits are. In this article I have addressed a commonly asked question “Where can I buy stamp?” the simple answer to this question is a postal office. If you cannot find a postal office anywhere near to your house, don’t worry because there are several other places from where you can probably buy your postage stamp. If you are too lazy like I try accessing Amazon and within a day or 2 the postage stamp will arrive right at your doorstep.